Assistant Access on Rapattoni Boards

Rapattoni Boards have a special requirement for Assistants on their board.  The way their system is designed, Assistants need to be granted access by their Agents/Brokers.  They call this Agent ID Sharing, and it is not limited to Assistants.  You can also authorize another Agent to access your Agent’s account.

Rapattoni Boards include:


Authorize Agent ID Sharing

  1. Once you are logged in to the Rapattoni board, click Admin, located on their menu bar.  Click Authorize Agent ID Sharing from the Admin menu.
  2. On the upper left-hand corner, click Add New ID Sharer.
  3. Run a search for your Assistant.  Searching by Last Name only is usually the easiest way, but you can search using any of the fields provided for you.  Click Search to run the search.
  4. On your results page, locate the Assistant or Agent that you want to share access with, then click Select.  Click OK on the confirmation message that appears.
  5. You will be taken back to the Authorize Agent ID Sharing page.  You should see that you now have at least one other Agent/Assistant on this page.  Now, everytime you return to your Authorize Agent ID Sharing page, you will see the above options.  You can disable Agent ID Sharing completely by turning it off, or you can disable individual ID Sharers by unchecking the On/Off option for that Agent/Assistant.  After making your changes, click Save on the upper left-hand side of the page to save your changes.

Once you have completed the steps to grant access to your Assistant, they can now access that particular Rapattoni board working as you.  You will have to perform these steps once for each Rapattoni board that you want to give access on.

How to Access Rapattoni Boards as an Assistant

Once the Assistant account has been granted access, the Assistant can now access that Rapattoni board.  As an Assistant, access to the Rapattoni boards must be done from the Agent Selection page, which appears prior to impersonating an Agent on MLS Listings.

  1. Before Assisting your Agent or Broker, select the board that you want to access on the left side of your Agent Selection page.
  2. Continue on to your selected board until you reach its home page.
  3. Once on the home page, click the Agent icon on the upper left-hand side of your screen, then on the menu click Work as Other Agent.
  4. A window will appear labeled Work as Other Agent.  This window allows you to select the Agent/Broker that you will be Assisting.  Simply select the person you are Assisting, and Rapattoni will grant you access to that person’s Account.  To verify that you are on the correct account, hold your mouse on top of the Agent icon to confirm who you are logged in as.

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