MLS Listings Custom IDX FAQ

How do I order an MLS Listings Custom IDX package?

If you are interested in ordering a MLS Listings Custom IDX package, please visit the article in our MLS Apps page for more information.

What is the difference between a Website Package and a Framed IDX?

The MLS Listings Custom IDX PERK offers 3 different Website Packages and 1 Framed IDX option. The Website Packages allow you access to create your own website through the tools provided by iHomefinder. The Framed IDX option requires that you have an existing website, and allows you to add a MLS/IDX Search Tool that you can display on your existing website.

What do the different Website Packages look like?

iHomefinder has created a few Sample websites to display the features from their different packages:

Framed IDX — $15/month

Facebook IDX — $9.95/month

Agent IDX Site — $34.95/month
Advanced IDX — $44.95/month
Premium IDX — $54.95/month

IDX WP — $29.95/month

IDX WP Pro — $39.95/month

Click the links to view a demo website utilizing that Package.You can see the Framed IDX in any of the above websites. Notice that all 3 demo sites have the same Search function. This is what the Framed IDX will look like on your site as well.

If I have the IDX Frame package, where can I copy the link to frame it into my website?

When you first sign into the Control Panel, you should see “Web Designers: Setting up this IDX account for the first time? Click here for the link”. Once you click on the link, you will see the available IDX links under the System Links section.

How do I change my Domain Name?

Please note that Domain Names are only available on Website Packages, not on the Framed IDX package.

To change the Domain Name on your MLSL Custom IDX Website, go to Account Setup > Website Setup > Advanced Setup > Website Domain > Edit Domain Name. Here you will find the setting to change the first part of your Domain Name.

Keep in mind that your Domain will always end in ‘’

Can I change the font and font size in the Header using the Website Builder Tool?

Unfortunately the Website Builder Tool does not support this option. You can, however, make changes to the information displayed on your Header under Account Setup > Website setup > Personalize > Edit Name/Address Info.

Where do I find my Client ID?

You can find your Client ID under Account Setup > Contact Information. Above the “Address/Phone” you should see the Agent’s Name, Office Name and the Client ID.

How do I forward my Personal Domain to my new ‘’ site?

You will need to contact your Domain Name Registrar or current website provider and ask them how to forward your personal Domain Name to your new website’s Domain Name. You can also find additional information by going to Account Setup > Website Setup > Advance Setup> Website Domain, then click on the How to Use Your Personal Domain with Your New Website link.

I purchased the IDX Frame package. How do I upgrade to one of the Full Website packages?

Please contact MLS Listings Customer Service to request an upgrade. If you are not sure which package you want, then we can cancel your current IDX Frame Package and you can start as new. When you set up your Account again, you can then decide for yourself which package you want to choose.

I purchased a Website Package. How do I upgrade or downgrade my account?

You can go to Account Setup > Website Setup > My Account, then choose the package you want. Remember to click on Save Settings. Please note; the subscription will be prorated the next time your fee is due.

Can I capture leads using this product?

Yes, all MLS Listings Custom IDX packages offer lead capture. Go to Clients > User Registration. From here you can configure the setting from Off, Ultra-Light, Light, or Heavy. You will also be able to setup registration trigger points and customize text used on the registration form.

Will my clients have an option to save a search and setup email alerts when searching for properties on my new ‘’ site?

Yes. If you have the Advanced IDX ($44.95/mo) or Premium IDX ($54.95/mo) package your clients will have an option to save their search data and setup email alerts.

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