WINForms/Supra Key Information

Supra Key and Lockboxes

Supra Key and Lockbox access requires that you are an Active member with MLS Listings. If your account with either MLS Listings or your Association is Suspended or Terminated, you will lose your access to both Supra Key and Lockbox. If your access is not working, please contact your Association to inquire about the issue. The Associations will inform you if the issue is related to your MLS Listings account, and will direct you to us if this is the case.

MLS Listings provides a Manage Keybox feature on your My Listings page to help you keep track of your Lockbox Activity. It’s an easy way to view this information all in the same place, instead of having to go through different websites.  Please visit our Manage Keybox page for more information on this topic.


Our Associations provide access to special software to help you work with your forms and documents electronically. Depending on your Association you may use a program called WINForms®, zipForm®, or PRDS Forms®.  These programs are provided and supported by your Association. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support for these products because they are licensed through your Association.

We do have forms related to our services. You may find your requested form on our Rules & Forms page.

Please visit our Associations Contact List to find your Association’s contact information.

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