Listing Transfers

Transfer a Listing to a Different Office

Listings can be transferred to a different Office/Broker Code.  This request requires that the same Agent will be receiving the listing.  This is most commonly done when an Agent changes Offices, as listings do not follow an Agent when an Office Change is made.

Please use our Listing Transfer form to make this request.  Submit one Listing Transfer form for each listing that you are requesting to be transferred.  All signatures must be present on the Listing Transfer form, otherwise it will not be processed.

Click here for the Listing Transfer form.

Transfer a Listing Between Agents in the Same Office

Listings can be transferred from one Agent to another as long as both Agents are under the same Office/Broker Code.  Perhaps a Team Account has been created and some listings need to be transferred onto the new account, or perhaps an Agent has left the Office and another Agent is taking over their listings.  This request can only be made by the Broker of the company, and can only occur within the same Office/Broker Code.  This means that if your Office has multiple branches, the listing can only be transferred within Agents in the same branch.

To request for this type of Listing Transfer, simply write your request on a memo or fax cover sheet.  Your request must include:

MLS# of the listing(s) to be transferred
DRE#s of both Sending and Receiving Agent
Broker Code of your Office
Broker on Record’s Signature

You can submit your completed request through Fax or Email:

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