Canceled and Withdrawn Status

Canceled and Withdrawn Listings have distinct differences. They are not the same Status, and it may help to know this information.

Canceled means that the Contract is no longer Active, or the Listing is not qualified to be listed on the MLS.

Withdrawn is a temporary Off-Market Status. This means that the listing is no longer being shown on the MLS, but an Active Contract still exists between the seller and Listing Agent. Consider Withdrawn to be a temporary Off-Market Status.

Please note that if you want to Cancel or Withdraw your listing, you can only do so from Active Status. Pending Listings cannot be Canceled or Withdrawn directly. For instructions on how to bring your Pending Listing back to Active, please visit our Transaction Fell Through page.

From your My Listings page, click Change Status under Select an Action.

Assuming that you are changing the Status of an Active listing, choose the option to either Canceled or Withdrawn.

Enter the Off Market Date then click on Update to submit the change.

Please note that Withdrawing a listing will not affect the Days on Market (DOM).

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