Report a Closed Sale (Sold)

Congratulations on closing the sale!

From inside the Change Status page, select Sold as the New Status. The page may take a second to refresh. Afterwards you will see the Sale Information section.

Note the asterisks (*) that appear. These indicate which fields are required for you to report your listing as Sold. Please provide all required information.

Enter the Number of Offers Received (optional). Verify the Close of Escrow date and update as needed. Enter the Sale Price, Buyer Financing, any remarks or Sale Credit. Enter The Sell Agent BRE which should be located on your Purchase Agreement. If the selling agent is out of the MLSListings covered area, enter in the BRE# of the selling agent and select RECIP for the office. This will allow you to manually enter in the Selling Agent’s name instead of having it auto-fill from their BRE#. If there is a Co-Selling Agent, enter the information the same as the Selling Agent information.

Once you change your listing to Sold, you will not be able to make any more changes on your own. This will be your last chance to make any Remarks changes. Please take the time to review both the changes, and make any changes before you click Update.

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