Update Personal or Office Information

If your contact information has recently changed, please consider updating it with us.  All of the information that appears on your account is pulled from our database.  Your Contact information will need to be updated on our database in order for it to appear on your account.

MLS Listings Members have both a Personal Phone/Email and a Display Phone/Email. The Personal information is what we use to communicate with our members.  We use the Personal Phone for contact, and the Personal Email to send notices and invoices.  The Display information is displayed on your listings.  Some Agents may prefer to keep this information separate.

Your Office Information is also displayed on your listings.  Only the Broker of Record or Head Appraiser can authorize a change to the Office Information.  This is because any change to this information will affect all Agents within that Office. You can also use the Change Form to update your Office Address.

Please click here for our Change Form.

All change requests are completed in the order that they are received. Please allow up to 48 hours for your request to be processed.

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