Accidental Listing Changes

Mistakes happen, and you may have made the wrong change to the wrong listing. Most of the time, these changes are minor, and you are able to correct the information on your own. However, accidentally changing the wrong listing to Sold or Canceled Status will prevent further changes to that listing. The Status Change may also be recorded in the Listing History.

Accidentally Canceled Wrong Listing

If you have accidentally Canceled the Wrong Listing, do not wait to report it. Please contact MLS Listings as soon as possible to request that your Listing be brought back to Market. Generally, your listing can be brought back to Active if you contact us over the phone immediately after your Status change.

If you wait longer than 3 days (72 hours) to make this request, the property must be re-listed and the Cancellation will be recorded on the Listing History with no exceptions.

Accidentally Closed Wrong Listing (Changed to Sold)

If you have accidentally changed the wrong listing to Sold, please contact us as soon as possible. We will be able to bring your listing back to the previous Pending Status.

Please note that the Status change will be recorded in the Listing History, and a Listing History correction will be submitted.

Accidentally Changed List Price

If the List Price was accidentally changed, you are able to change it back to the correct Price. The List Price changes are recorded in the Listing History. Please contact MLS Listings to request a correction.

If you need to request for a Listing History Correction, please call, Email, or Fax in your request.

Phone: 408-874-0200, 800-546-5657
Fax: 408-874-1250

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