Reciprocal Listings

Reciprocal Listings are mutual agreements between Participants and Subscribers of the respective Multiple Listing Services/Associations, where listings are sent to a cooperating MLS for a fee. This enables Brokers and Agents to market their listings in areas outside of MLS Listings’ Coverage Area.

We do not have agreements with all areas. Please check our Participating Reciprocal Boards document for a current list of MLS Boards that participate in the California Reciprocal Agreement.

How to Reciprocate to an MLS Outside of MLS Listings Database

  1. You must have an Active listing with a confirmed MLS# on MLSListings’ system.
  2. Check to see if there is a Reciprocal Agreement with the desired area.
  3. You will then be Faxed the necessary paperwork to proceed:
    1. Reciprocal Listing Request Form.
    2. Credit Card Payment sheet. Information will be provided as to what Boards allow payments by check.
    3. A print-out of your listing.
    4. Property Input Sheets. All Cooperating MLS Boards have their own input sheets. You must fill out their Property Input sheets completely in order to avoid any Data Entry delays. Unfortunately, you may not use our Property Data forms with other MLS Boards.
  4. After completing the paperwork, please Fax or Mail the completed paperwork to the Fax Number or Address provided on the coversheet of the packet that was Faxed to you.

If you need to make changes to your Reciprocal Listing, complete a Status Change Form and Fax it to the cooperating MLS Board.

Click here to view a list of Participating Reciprocal Boards.

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