Uploading Photos

Uploading photos to your listing has never been easier. Photos may be uploaded from any device include desktop, laptop, tablet and even mobile phone. Size restrictions are set to10MB per photo to ensure the best experience.

Uploading Photos

When adding a new listing, the photo upload screen is located under the Marketing & Photos section.

Click within the blue section to open up a window and select your photos, or simply drag & drop your photos onto the blue section.

Once uploaded, your photos will appear inside the Your Uploaded Photos section.

If you are satisfied with your photos, click the Next Step button to continue with your listing input.

Working with Photos

You can make changes to your photos within the photo upload tool.

If you want to revise photos for an existing listing, choose Manage Photos from the Select an Action menu.

Change the order of photos

Your photos will appear in the order they are numbered inside the Your Uploaded Photos section. The starred photo will be the main photo.

You can change the order of photos by dragging them around in your desired order.

Rotate Photos

Sometimes photos are oriented the wrong way when pulling from your device.

Click the ‘Rotate Photo’ icon to rotate the photo by 90 degrees clock-wise. Keep clicking until your photo is oriented correctly.

Recycle Bin

You can place unwanted photos in the Recycle Bin. The photos will remain in the Recycle Bin until the listing is closed.

From the trash can icon, drag your photo into the Recycle Bin area.

To restore photos from the Recycle Bin, click the arrow above the image that you want to restore.

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