How To: Buyers Tour Kit

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Imagine being on tour with your client and having the detailed information and market knowledge at your hands. With the steps below, you will receive the Agent Report, Map/Driving Directions and a Quick CMA Report for market intelligence. In addition, your Buyers will receive the Client Report and Map/Driving Directions. You can either email yourself the reports to have on your mobile device for on the go, print the report or just save it. The Buyers Tour Kit will provide you and your client with just that.

Follow the steps below for a completed Buyers Tour Kit:

Quick CMA

1. Run a search and choose properties to include in a Quick CMA Report for the area and listings you are going to tour. (You may want to consider active, pending and sold istings).

2. After you select the listings, choose Report and select Quick CMA

3. At this point you can decide if you would like to Email the report to yourself (this is so you can have it on your smart phone or any mobile device when your out on a tour), or if you would like to Generate to print and or save the report (to your smartphone or any mobile device) to have on hand.

After the first 3 steps are completed, go ahead and click the Back button to go back to the results.

Mapping/Driving Directions

4. Here, you can unselect the sold listings and any other properties that you are not going to tour.

5. Then, click on the Map button and then on Get Directions at the bottom.

6. If you would like to change the order of the properties to be toured, go ahead and do so and then click Get Directions again to update the driving directions.

7. Click on Email to email the driving directions to your client

8. Select Get Directions again, and this time email them to yourself (this is so you can have it on your smartphone or any mobile device), or click on Generate to print and/or save the report (to your smartphone or any mobile device) to have on hand.

9. Then select, Back to Results

Listing Reports

10. At this point, click Email at the bottom to email your clients the Client Reports of the properties. After you type your clients email address and a subject, click Send.

11. Click on Email again, and this time you will click on the Additional option under display, choose the Agent Page report and email to yourself (this is so you can have it on your smartphone or any mobile device)

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