How To: Run a Tour Association Report

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Tour Association Reports are primarily done through your local Association. However, you can run a Tour Report using the Matrix Advance Search.

1. Go to “Search”

2. Click on SFR/Townhouse/Condo and enter your criteria

3. Click on “Advanced Search”

4. From the “Available Fields” select the “First Tour Date”, “Second Tour Date”, and “Tour Association fields and then click the “Add” button.

Note: to select multiple ones, hold down your “Ctrl” key on your keyboard as you are clicking on the field(s)

5. Click on the “Back” button to go back to search

6. Below the “Advanced Search” you will see the additional fields you just added. You can now select the “Tour Association” and enter the “Tour Dates” for your search

7. Click the “Results” button


  • When you choose the Tour Fields under the Advance Search, keep in mind they are in alphabetical order. “First Tour Date” will be under F, and “Second Tour Date” will be under the S. The same goes for “Tour Association”, which will be under T.
  • When typing in the Tour Date fields, you can type the date of the tour. For example 06/16/2011 or 6/16/11. If you are running the tour report the evening before the tour, you can enter 0+1. 0 stands for today, and +1 stands for tomorrow. When you run the Tour Report using this format in the date field, you will be searching for listings that will be on tour with tomorrow’s date.
  • Click HERE to view the Tour Association Policy and Procedures.

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