How To: Customize Your Columns

1. Take your cursor over the “My Matrix” tab

2. A drop down will appear, click on “Settings”

3. Click on “Custom Displays” (3rd main category down)

4. Select the type of display (Residential, Multi, Commercial, Cross Class, etc.)

Note: for class 1 & 2 select “Residential”

5. Click on “Add”

6. Give it a display name such as HOA

7. Find the field(s) you want in your columns and double click on each one or click on it then click on “”Add”. Repeat this step for all fields that you want such as address, beds, baths, sqft, lot, etc.

8. Note: instead of scrolling down to find the field, you can just type it in the search window

9. Under “Selected Columns”, you will see your columns.  The top column will show up on the left so it will be translated from top-to-bottom to left-to-right

10. To move a column to the left/right select it and click on UP or DOWN

11. To adjust the column width, there are 2 ways (adjust here or adjust when you are looking at the results)

12. To adjust here: click on the column you want to modify and change the pixel width by increasing the number of pixels to make it wider or reducing the number of pixels to make it narrower.  Note: it is much easier to adjust the width using the second option!

13. To adjust your columns from your results, go to step #19

14. To change the column header (for example, instead of having the columns as “Full Baths”, you could change it to “Ba-F”) select the column under “Selected Columns” and change the Label name

15. To change how the columns is aligned, select the one you want (left, right, center)

16. To change how this will be printed, you can change the print layout by either selecting “single line” or “wrapped”.  Note: wrapped will wrap the text thus this will make the rows and columns bigger!

17. When done customizing your columns, click on “Save” (you have to have a display name (#6) to save this)!

18. To see your columns, run a search and change the display to your new display

19. From here, you can change the column width by taking your cursor between 2 columns and click and drag (your cursor will turn into 2 arrows)

20. To move a column to the left or the right, take your cursor on the column header and click and drag to the left/right (your cursor will turn into 4 arrows)

21. To add a column, click on the column header where you want the new column to appear and click on “insert column”.

22. To remove a column, click on the column header of the column you want to remove and click on “remove column”

23. When done, click on “Apply”

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