How To: Sort

There are 2 ways to sort your data.

-Sort only 1 column(this will change the sort from ascending/descending or from descending/ascending)

-Sort by multiple columns (you specify the column and the sort type [ascending/descending])

1. To sort by 1 column, click on the column header.  In this example, we will click on DOM once (days on market).  This will sort DOM in ascending order.

2. Click on DOM a second time to sort it in descending order.


3. Click on the “Refine” category

4. Click on “Sort”

5. Find the field(s) you would like to sort by and either double click on it (in this case, “Bedrooms”) or click on it and click on “Add”.

6. Once you have the correct field you want to sort by make sure it is sorted the way you want (ascending or descending).  To change it from ascending/descending to descending/ascending double click on it

7. If you have multiple fields that you are sorting and would like to change the order of the sort, select the field you want to move and click on “up” or “down”.  This will change the main sort and the sub-sort

8. If you would like to remove a sorted field, select it and click on “remove”

9. When done, click on “Ok”

10. To cancel, click on “Cancel”

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