How To: Importing Your Clients In Matrix From a CSV File

1. Open up Matrix and take your cursor over “My Matrix”

2. Click on “Contacts”

3. Click on “Import”

4. Find the location of the file by clicking on “Browse”, in our previous example, we had saved it on our “Desktop” and called the file ” Once located, click on the name of the file then “Open”

5. Click on “Import”.

6. Click on “Done”.

Note: if you have any contacts that don’t have all required fields (First name, Last name, and Email), Matrix will reject them and it will tell you why


For advanced users only: if you would like to pull all the fields from your contact list.  Before uploading into Matrix, open up your spreadsheet and rename each field to the following:

-Last name to: name_last

-First name to: name_first

-Middle name to: name:middle

-Title to: name_title

-Suffix to: name_suffix

-Spouse name to: name_spouse

-Home Street Address to: addr_home_street  For Business: addr_bus_street

-Home City to: addr_home_city  For Business: addr_bus_city

-HomeState to: addr_home_state  For Business: addr_bus_state

-Home Zip to: addr_home_zip  For Business:  addr_bus_zip

-Home Country to: addr_home_country  For Business:  addr_bus_country

-Company name: company_name

-Department: company_department

-Email: email1  & email2  & email3

-website: www

-Home phone: telephone_home  For office telephone_office

- fax: telephone_fax

-Pager: telephone_pager

-cell phone: telephone_mobile

-other phone: telephone_other

notes: notes




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