How To: Add to Cart

1. From you search results, select one or more properties that you would like to add to a cart

2. Click on the “Carts” category located at the bottom

3. Click on the drop down arrow within the carts to view all available carts

Note: Each one of your clients will have their own cart that you only have access to!

4. Select the cart from whom you want to add the listing(s)

5. Click on “Add to” to add it.

About carts: you can store preferred listings in your Cart for a client. In the Cart, listings can be easily recalled and tracked. This is ideal for listing presentation or to keep a record of the homes you have taken your clients to see. Also, you do not have to re-run the search in front of your prospects, just click your clients Cart to see your reserved listings. It’s important to note that Carts are stored for each client you have setup under My Matrix> Contacts.


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