How To: Custom Header and Footer

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The Matrix system allows you to create a custom Header and Footer as well as pick from available templates. These Header and Footers will appear when you print reports in HTML, and when you send an email. Taking advantage of this feature is suggested as it is a free advertisement for yourself to your clients.

Four images are required preferably in .bmp or .jpg formats. One 745 x 85 image for the display Header and one 745 x 85 image for the display Footer. These images should be visually web friendly as they will be viewed by clients in a web browser.

A 670 x 85 print Header and a 670 x 85 print Footer set of images will be used for printing. You may want to consider black and white printing when designing your print header/footer.

To create a custom Header and Footer, follow the steps below:

1. Choose Upload Custom Header/Footer images

2. Click Set My Information at the bottom

3. Click on Browse and select the image file to upload. Do this step for all four images

4. Then click Save



Need help getting started? Click Here to view the How To: Header and Footers.

Note: Headers and Footers do not show on the Matrix Advance CMA reports or PDF reports.

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