How To: Header and Footers

1. Take your cursor over the “My Matrix” tab

2. Click on “Settings”

3. Under “My Information” click on “Header and Footer”

4. To turn off (not have) your Header and Footer, select “I choose not to use a header / footer at this time”

5. To upload your own Header and Footer, select “Upload custom header / footer images”

Note: if you upload your own, it must be 745 by 85 pixels (this is for advanced users)!

6. Select one of the 7 templates that you like by checking it off on the left.

Note: you can only choose 1 template

7. Click on “Preview”

8. To change your picture click on “Use Custom Photo” and click on “Change Photo”  This will allow you to upload a new picture or crop the existing picture

9. To change the colors of the frame, click on the color image to change the color palette then click “Done”

10. Click “Save”

11. To change your info (name, number, email, etc.) click on “Information”

12. Enter the fields that you want (to change a field, check the ‘override” box

13. Click on “Save”

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