How To: Work with the Client Portal – Direct and Auto Email

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You may email listing information to your clients in two ways: manually or automatically. Both types of email contain a hyperlink which your client can click to visit The Portal, and view the listing information you prepared for them.

  • Direct Emails: You may personally compile and send listing information. These emails contain a link to The Portal where the listings are available for your client to view.

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  • Auto Emails: You may also arrange for your clients to receive auto emails. These are personally controlled by you, but dispatached by the MLS system based on the criteria you have supplied. Auto emails also contain a link to the The Portal where matching listings are available for your client to view.

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Working with the Welcome tab

On the Welcome tab within The Portal, your clients will see links to any Direct Emails and Reports you have sent to them. They can click on any one of the links to view the associated listings. Because Direct Emails with a Report are a static set of listing information, this will lead them to expire after 30 days. If you use “Email” instead of “Report” when sending a Direct Email, the listings will not expire. Auto Emails will only expire if your clients do not visit their Portal link within 60 days. You will be notified by email if this happens.


Agent Information – Displays your agents contact information

Slideshow – Automatically rotates listings that the client has marked to their Favorites or Possibilities folder.

Portal Greeting - If you have set your Portal Greeting, it will display your welcome message. Please click here to view the How To: Setup Portal Greeting.


Information Tabs within The Portal

The Client Portal is presented with 8 tabs: Welcome, Properties, Map, View Listings, Display, Favorites, Possibilities and Discard.

The Welcome tab contains links to all of your clients recent direct emails and to each of the auto email listing collections that you have compiled for them.

The Properties tab is presented with five tabs: Map, Display, Favorites, Possibilities and Discarded.

The Map tab will display all listings in a map view.

The View Listings tab is where your client can view and work with a manual or auto email collection of listings. For the manual email, beneath the tabs will be a reminder of the date and time the direct email was sent.

The Display tab is where your client can choose from either Map, Split (Map with Details), Client 1 Line, Client Full, Client Page, Client Thumbnail and Open House Display.

The Favorites, Possibilities and Discarded tabs are where your client can designate and store each one of the listings to one or more of these tabs. This helps your clients organize the listings they are interested in, or those they have no interest in.

  • On the Properties tab, your client can select the heart icon (Favorites), light bulb icon (Possibilities), or trash icon (Discard) next to the listings to add to their Favorites, Possibilities or Discarded tabs.




Working with Auto Emailed Listing Information

Order of Listings in the Collection

On the Properties tab, the order in which listings are initially displayed is as follows:

  • First come listings that are new to the collection. These could be listings that have just been listed on the MLS system or existing listings that had a price change or other change, and now appear in the collection for the first time.
  • Next will be the listings that have been in the collection since the previous auto email, but have not been viewed in detail.
  • Finally the listings that have been in the collection since the previous auto email and have already been viewed in detail. A listing counts as viewed or “Read” when your client clicks on the MLS number to view its complete details.

Working with Direct Email Listing Information

Order of Listings in the Collection

Listings on the Email tab will initially be ordered by you, prior to you emailing the listings. Your client can reorder them by clicking one of the column headers, once for ascending order, and again for descending order.


Your client will notice listings that have not been viewed in detail are bold. New listings (less than 72 hours old within an Auto Email) have a yellow background. After they have viewed a listing (by clicking on an MLS number) it changes the bolding and color. This works very similar to your own email inbox. This will also help you differentiate between listings they have already viewed in detail and those they have not.

Display Options

Your client can change the type of screen display they would like to see in the upper right corner of the portal page. They can also change the number of listings they would like to see per page by making the selection in the upper left corner of the portal.

Visit the Other Tabs

Your clients can look at the Favorites, Possibilities and Discarded tabs at any time to review these listing. If you change your mind about how you’ve classified a listing, just deselect the listing by clicking on the same icon to remove it from the designated tabs.

Working with the Map

Your client can view the client thumbnail report by clicking the icon on the map. They can also click the MLS number within the thumbnail to be taken to the client full report.

On the Map they can also view Points of Interest by clicking the Layer icon and choosing which points of interest they would like to see.

There is also a Jump to a Location where they can enter an address for the map to quickly move to that location.

Icon Definition

  • (Globe Icon): When clicked will open a new tab or screen showing a map and the listings location.
  • (Photo Icon): When clicked will open a new tab or screen containing the photos associated with the listing.
  • (Virtual Tour): When clicked will open a new screen for Virtual Tour.
  • (Short Sale): Indicates the listing is a Short Sale property.
  • (REO – Bank Owned): Indicates the listing is a REO/Bank Owned property.
  • (Points of Interest) : When clicked will allow the client to view points of interest they select.
  • S: Indicates the current status of the listing.

Helpful Tip: Your client may want to save The Portal link as a favorite or a bookmark as a convenient way to easily access their Portal anytime.

Click Here for a Client version of The Portal User Guide. You may provide the User Guide to your clients, if needed. Also, the Client version of the Portal User Guide is included in all Automated Emails.

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