How To: Auto Email

1. From your search results, select the “Save” category

2. Click on “New Auto Email”

3. Select your contact by clicking on the drop down arrow. If this is a new contact or if you don’t have any contact, click on the “Create A New Contact”.

4. If you want to CC to someone else such as another member of the family, enter their email address.

5. If you want to BCC yourself, check “BCC”

6. Type in the subject for the email for example “Homes you requested”

7. Type in your message

8. Check your spelling and typos (optional)

9. If you would like to have your information available for Reverse Prospecting, leave this box checked. If not, please un-check the box.

10. If you want to add this search as a favorite search on the Dashboard, check this box.

Select your schedule (ASAP, Daily, or Monthly).

11. ASAP (As soon as something meets the criteria)

12. Daily (you choose the day(s) and AM or PM

13. Monthly (goes out on the first of the month at midnight)

14. Concierge (this allows you to intercept all listings and you decide by “Accepting” or “Rejecting” the listing.  For help with this, see “Concierge Email”

15. Once selected your type of auto email (ASAP, Daily, Monthly, Concierge), click on “Save”

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