How To: Quick CMA Report

There are 2 ways to get the Quick CMA, for the easiest and shortest way, follow step 1-2

To email the Quick CMA, follow steps 5-

1. Select the properties you want to be included in your Quick CMA

2. Click on “Quick CMA”

3. To print this report, click on the printer icon

4. To save this report on your computer, click on the folder/arrow icon

Note: the print icon and save icon maybe in different locations depending on your version of Adobe Acrobat.  It can be on the upper right/left or it can also be on the bottom in the middle

For the latest version, as of 10/03//2013, it is located on the upper right corner!

5. After selecting the properties you want included in the Quick CMA, click on “Print”

6. Select the “Quick CMA” and click “Print to PDF” to view this report in Adobe Acrobat.  To print this, look at step #4

7. To email this report, select “Quick CMA” and click on “Email PDF”

8. If emailing, follow remaining steps, otherwise click on “Back to Results”

9. Enter your recipient’s email address

10.  If you want to CC it, enter the email (optional)

11. If you want to be Bcc, check the box (optional)

12. Enter a Subject (optional)

13. Type in your message (optional)

14. Check for typos (optional)

15. Edit your signature (optional)

16. Click “Send” or to cancel, click on “Cancel’

CLICK HERE to view a sample of a Quick CMA

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