How To: Print a Report

Note: there are 2 ways to print a report: html version and pdf version.

For html version, see steps #1-9
For pdf version, CLICK HERE (see steps # 10-18)

HTML Version:

1. Check off the property or properties you would like to print and click on “Print”.

2. Select the type(s) of report you want (agent/client full/page, etc). You can select more then one by holding your “Control” key while clicking on the report name.

3. Select your header& footer option (no header & footer, just on the 1st page or on all pages)

4. Select your property history and photos if you want them (Not: this option is only modifiable for “Client Full”).

5. Select your “Print Search Criteria” if you want the search criteria to be on the report at the bottom

6. Select “Ink Saver” if you don’t want the map and the picture(s) on the report

7. For the Quick CMA, it is now located on the bottom of the list of reports (no more going to “Additional Report”

8. Click on “Preview’ to preview the report

9. Click on “Print” to print the report. If in preview mode, the print button is located on the bottom left side then choose your printer and click print. NOTE: We recommend printing through PDF (see next step)

10. To view or print the report in PDF, click on “Print to PDF”.  This will open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  From there you can print by clicking on the printer icon

11. You can also email the PDF from here by clicking on “Email PDF”

12. When done, go back to results by clicking on “Back to Results”



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