How To: Tips for Searching Across Multiple Property Classes

These Tips will help those who are trying to search, setup an auto-email notification, or send direct emails that include multiple classes and have the full Client Portal function.

Note: The Cross-Class (Classes 1-10) Client Portal lacks some features that a normal Client Portal would have, like the Residential Property, Multi-Family and Commercial Industrial Client Portals. These tips will help you avoid using the Cross-Class Portal so your clients do not loose useful features. Please keep in mind these tips may not be for everyone. If you choose to use the Cross-Class Portal, please be aware that some functions are not yet available*


  • When searching across multiple classes such as Residential Property. We suggest searching the individual Sub-Classes separately. For Residential Property, the sub-classes would be SFR/Townhouse/Condo, Mobile Homes, Residential Lots and Land, Residential Rental.
  • If you are searching multiple classes using the Speedbar, please remember by default the search parameters will default  to SFR/TH. You will need to enter XPROP if you are searching between Class1-10. For example, you may want to enter “XPROP A EL Camino Real” if you are searching for any Class that’s Active on El Camino Real. Or you can enter “COMM A $1500000+ Area 1″ if you are searching for an Active, Commercial Property with a Price of $1,500,000 or more in Area 1.

A few Speedbar codes you can use  when seaching  across multiple classes are:

      • RESI – Returns all Residential Listings
      • MF – Returns all Multi-Family Listings
      • COMM- Returns all Commercial Listings

Click Here to view the Speedbar Guide for Additional Help

Tip: If you would like to group and maintain the listings in one location, you can add them to the Carts for your client.

Click Here to view the How To: Add to Cart

Direct Email

  • When sending direct emails across multiple classes such as Multi-Family, we suggest searching the individual Sub-Classes separately. For Multi-Family, the sub-classes would be Residential Income (2-4 Units), Commercial Income (5+ Units).Then you can select the listings from your search that you would like to group or see for your clients, and then add to Carts. By adding the listings to the Carts, you can organize and keep track of the different sub-classes in one place. You can also email those listings from Carts, and as longs as they are from the same Property Type (for example: Multi-Family – Residential Income (2-4 Units), Commercial Income (5+ Units), the Client Portal will have all the beneficial features.

Some benefits of using Carts in this case are; you can keep track of the individual listings by viewing them all at once as a group, and/or email them. When you email the listings out of the Cart, you will see a date next to the listing which will indicate the date you emailed it. Also, the Client Portal that your client receives will have all the full functions of the Favorites, Possibilities and Discard buttons. Again, as long as the listings are under the same Property Type.

(A good scenario for using the tip above; your client is looking for a Residential Income 2-4 Units and Commercial Income 5+ Units at the same time. You may want to search the sub-classes separately, add the desired listings to the Carts, then email.)

Click Here to view the How To: Email

Automated Email Alerts

  • If you are searching across two different Property Types such as Residential Property and Multi-Family and need to set up an automated email alert. We suggest setting up two separate email alerts so that your clients have access to the Client Portal with full functions. Also, the automated email alerts will be grouped in the Client Portal under the Start tab. In essence, they will have access to both/or more auto emails in one client portal. And, by setting up two separate auto-emails under different Property Types instead of Cross-Class, you will allow your client to have the full function of the Client Portal.

(A good scenario for using the tip above: Your client is looking for a Single Family Residential and a Multi-Family at the same time, possibly for a Guest House or a Duplex for an extra living unit.       

Click Here to view the How To: Auto Email

 *Features that are missing the Cross-Class Portal are the Favorites, Possibilites and Discard tab.

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