How To: Speed Bar (6.0)

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The Matrix Speed Bar is a multi-purpose searching tool that recognizes specific short-hands for Property Type, Street Name, and Agent Name searches. As you conduct searches, Matrix will automatically show you the short-hand codes for each search in the Speed Bar, located at the top of each Matrix screen.

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The Speed Bar can be conducted from any tab at the top. In this example we will search for Single Family Residential, Active, 3 beds, 2b baths or more, at least 1200 square feet in area listed for $500,00 to $600,000.This is speed bar language translates to “SFR A $500-600 3 2+ 1200+ sqft area 14


Common Short-hand Examples:

  • Status: A for Active; S for Sold
  • Listing Class: RESI for Residential; XPROP for Cross Property: SFR for Single Family Residential: TH for Townhouse/Condo
  • Area Code: area 27 for Alameda County; area 18 for Cupertino; area 614 for Highland Park; etc.
  • MLS Numbers: 80014094 80014096 (note the space between the MLS numbers)
  • List Price: $500000-550000 or $500000- (do not use commas in numbers)
  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms: 3+ 2+ for 3 or more bedrooms and 2 or more bathrooms (note that Matrix Speedbar will always read beds first)
  • Building Square Feet: 2000+ sqft or 2000-2500 sqft
  • Roster Search: ag caldwell or ag john caldwell or ag terry* caldwell (the * is used as a wild card search)
  • Street Name: caldwell (just type the street name, do not type any suffixes like St, Ave, Rd, etc.)
  • Feel free to combine short-hand codes. For example, a p sfr area 19 would search for Active or Pending Residential Single Family listings in Sunnyvale.


  • Case doesn’t matter.
  • Order usually doesn’t matter (except for bedrooms and bathrooms, beds must be first.)
  • Put spaces between Shorthand codes, not commas.
  • Do not put Street Suffixes (like Ave, Way, Street). Simply type the Street Name, or type the Street Number and then Street Name.
  • For now, Speed Bar only takes up to 3 words for Street Name. (ex: El Camino Real is fine. Alameda De Las Pulgas is not found using the Speed Bar: use regular Address Search for that instead.)
  • For now, Speed Bar cannot take wildcard Street Name searches. (Ex: Alameda* and Alameda De Las* will not work.)
  • Double-check the search criteria at the bottom of the results page to ensure Matrix searched for what you asked for.


If you do not define a property type in your Speed Bar search the Speed Bar will default to searching RESI Residential ONLY. This is especially visible with Address search, where for example, El Camino Real would pull up Residential listings on that street, but not listings from any other classes.

If you want all listings from El Camino Real, then use XPROP Street name. If you only want Commercial listings from this street, use COMM Street name.

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