Photo Upload FAQ

This page should help to answer many of the questions that we get regarding the Photo Uploader program.

How do I upload my Photos?

Please visit our Uploading Photos page for instructions on how to upload photos to your listing.

I uploaded my photos, but they are not showing on the listing.

Please allow some time for the system to process your photo upload. The process can take some time depending on the size of your images. Larger photos have more to process, which adds to the time it takes for the photos to appear. Typically, photos will appear within 20 minutes of a successful upload.

If you have waited over an hour, and still cannot see your photos, try re-uploading them. We have found that some photos are not appearing because the process was interrupted during the initial upload. Please be patient and avoid closing the upload window while it processes your photos. It will close on it’s own when the upload has completed.

If you have already tried re-uploading your photos and they are still not showing, consider resizing your photos. It may be that your photos are reaching the limit of what Flash Player is able to display. Reducing your photos to a reasonable size will help to smooth out the photo upload process without sacrificing image quality.

How do I resize my Photos?

Please visit our Resize Photos with IrfanView post for instructions on how to resize your photos using IrfanView.

Why are my photos taking so long to upload?

Processing the photo uploads can result in using up too many system resources or bandwidth. If you have an older computer or a slow network connection, please be patient while your uploads are processed. Reducing the file size of your photos can help to speed up this process.

A useful tip for users on older machines or slower network connections is to upload a few photos at a time. Upload a few photos, wait to see that your photos are showing correctly, then upload some more. There is no limit on how many times you decide to modify your photos. Upload the first 3, then the next 5, and so on until you are satisfied or reach the maximum of 25 photos. Please be sure to check your listing to make sure that the upload was successful before uploading more photos.

What are the requirements for using the Photo Uploader?

The Photo Uploader program requires that Adobe Flash Player 9 (or later) is installed. Devices that do not support Adobe Flash Player will not be able to upload photos. Most desktop and laptop computers will already have Flash Player installed.

For help installing Flash Player, please visit our Adobe Flash Player page.

Are there any parameters for the Photos that I am able to upload?

Yes. Some parameters have been placed to help ensure image quality on listings and reports.

  • Photos must be no larger than 10MB in size.
  • Each image must not exceed 2880×2880 pixels.

Unless you are absolutely certain that your photos fit within these size requirements, it is recommended that you review your images to determine whether they need to be resized.

Why is there a file size limit on photos?

The minimum file size limit of 11 kilobytes (kB) is in place to discourage the uploading of tiny photos that do not show clearly in listing flyers. To help ensure that photos show clearly on our reports, they are automatically resized to fit. Uploading a photo that is smaller than the allotted sizes we use (320×240 and 640×480 pixels) will cause it to either have too much extra white space or become stretched and distorted.

The maximum file size limit of 4 megabytes (MB) is to ensure faster processing and upload times. Larger files will require more memory and bandwidth to process. This can also be affected by how fast your computer is. The larger the file size that is being uploaded, the longer it can take to process.

For example, uploading 20 photos that are about 3MB each, works out to about 60MB to upload. Uploading 60MB can take up to 15 minutes on a fast connection, and much longer on slower DSL or dial-up connections. For best performance, your photos should be between 200kB and 1MB.

Why does my photo have to be within 2880×2880 pixels?

This is a technical limitation on the Flash software itself. There is a maximum total number of pixels that can be displayed per image. A maximum pixel size of 2880×2880 pixels provides quite a large image – 8,294,440 pixels total. To help understand how large this actually is, your average 22” widescreen computer monitor has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (2,073,600 pixels total.) If you do the math, the pixel size limit is about 4 times larger than what a 22” widescreen monitor is able to display.

My Seller does not want a photo.

If your Seller does not want a photo on their listing, please have them sign our Seller’s Instruction to Omit Photo form. In place of a normal photo, our Seller Prefers No Photo image must be used. Save this image onto your computer, then add it to your listing. A copy of the signed form may be requested at some point.

Click here for the Seller’s Instruction to Omit Photo form.

Click here to view the “Seller Prefers No Photo” image.

Here are some instructions on how to save the image on your computer:

  1. Click the link above to view the “Seller Prefers No Photo” image.
  2. The photo will appear in a new window. Right-click on the photo to bring up the context menu.
  3. On the menu, click Save Picture as… (in Internext Explorer) or Save Image as… (in Firefox).
  4. Save the image somewhere you can easily get to, like your Desktop.

After saving the photo, you can then upload it to your listing following the instructions on this page.

Can you upload the photos for me?

Yes, we can upload photos for you. Please send your photos via email to and include the MLS# of your listing. If you have a specific order that you want the photos to appear in, please say so on your request. Otherwise, the front of the property will be used as the main photo, and the other photos should appear as if you are walking through the property.

Please note that we can only receive emails if they are 10MB or less in size. Check file size of your photo. If the total file size exceeds 10MB, you may want to consider splitting up your email request for photo upload. Send the first 3 photos via 1 email, then send the next 3 in a 2nd email, etc.

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