Recommended Flash Player Settings

Access to MLSListings requires Adobe Flash Player, for secure login as well as other functions. Most of the time, simply having Flash Player installed is enough for it to work properly. Flash Player also tends to update itself regularly.  Generally, it is recommended that you allow these updates to run.  Keep in mind that some updates may cause your Flash Player settings to change and affect your ability to perform certain actions on some websites.

This page provides a set of guidelines on how to configure Flash Player for optimal performance when working on the MLSListings system.

If you need help installing Flash, please visit our Adobe Flash Player page.

Please click here to access the Flash Settings Manager

Click the link above to access the settings for Flash Settings Manager. It should take you to a page that looks similar to the image.

Once on the Flash Player Help page, you will need to visit both the Global Storage Settings panel and Global Security Settings panel, as outlined in the image above. Click on each link to bring up the relevant panel.

The two screenshots below show the recommended settings.  Use the screenshots as a guide when making changes to your Flash Player settings. Click on the image to bring up a larger version.

Global Storage Settings

• Ensure at least 100KB of disk space for websites to store information. Move the Slider arrow to change this setting.

• The Never Ask Again box must be unchecked.

• The two checkboxes at the bottom must be checked – ‘Always allow Flash content…’ and ‘Store common Flash components…’

Global Security Settings

Always Ask or Always Allow must be selected on this panel. Always Ask is usually the safer option, as it will prompt you before taking action. Read the description on the panel.

• Add our websites to the trusted locations list. If you have Always Allow selected, then you can skip this step because you are already allowing everything to pass through.

Click the Edit locations… menu, then click Add location…. This brings up a place to enter in the URL or Address of our recommended sites.

Enter in the URLs of our recommended sites one at a time. Click Confirm after entering in the first website, then repeat the process to add the second:

The Flash Settings Manager does not have a Save or Submit button. Simply changing the settings on these panels is enough. Once you have configured your settings as recommended, please exit from your Browser and start again. The settings may not save if you have not restarted your Browser, so it is best to restart immediately after configuring the Flash Settings Manager.

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