Recommended Settings for Firefox

Another browser that is compatible with our website is Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is a separate entity that doesn’t come pre-installed on PCs or Macs, in order to install the browser, you will need to download it from Mozilla at

Firefox has the advantage of being available on both Windows and Mac OSX. Internet Explorer is not available on Mac (without virtualization software), and Safari is not recommended for use on a Windows computer.

While MLSListings is fully compatible with all versions of Firefox, we also provide our members with access to services on other websites. Please keep in mind that websites linked from MLSListings may not be compatible with Firefox.

This page provides recommended settings for Firefox. If you are having problems signing in, or the system seems to be acting strangely, the information on this page may help to resolve your issues.

Flash Player and Java

Flash Player and Java are required to use all available features on the MLSListings system.

Flash Player is required for signing in through the Strong Authentication and for our Photo Upload tool. Without Flash Player installed, you will not be able to sign in successfully or upload photos onto your listings. If you have no problems with signing in, then it’s safe to assume that Flash Player is installed properly. If you are unsure or have problems logging in, please consider uninstalling and re-installing Flash Player.

For instructions and help with Flash Player, please visit our Adobe Flash Player page.

Java is a required for our Map Search tool. Some of the layers on the map may not show properly without Java installed. Java may also be a requirement for working on other MLS Boards, like Paragon.

For instructions and help with Java, please visit our Download and Install Java page.

Firefox Options

All the settings for Firefox are located in the Options window. To access the Options window, click the orange Firefox tab on the top left-hand side of the program. On the menu that appears, click Options.

If you cannot see the Firefox tab, you can access Options through the Tools menu. To bring up the Tools menu, press Alt (on your keyboard) followed by the letter T. Click Options on the Tools menu.

The Options window should look similar to the image on the right. Note that across the top of the Options window are tabs that take you to different settings.

The Content Tab

The Content tab contains settings that allow you to change how Firefox handles certain content on the internet. The only setting required on this tab is the Enable JavaScript option. This setting must be enabled in order for MLSListings (and other websites in general) to work properly. Not having this setting enabled may cause problems.

If you are concerned about enabling JavaScript for security reasons, consider changing the settings in the Advanced… section to disable all the settings. JavaScript does much more than what the items under Advanced… suggest. Firefox allows you to disable some of the actions that JavaScript can perform.

The Privacy Tab

The Privacy tab allows control over how Firefox handles your cookies and browsing history. Having cookies enabled is critical for access to MLSListings. This section describes different ways to enable your cookies.

Generally, if you have the Remember History option selected, there is no need to make any changes on this tab. This setting already contains the option to remember your cookies. There are also links on this tab that allow you to clear your recent history or remove individual cookies.

Avoid selecting the Never remember history option. This causes Firefox to completely block any cookies, search history, and other items that can affect the functionality of some websites. The only reason to use the Never remember history is when you want to hide your online activities.

Some people may choose to Use custom settings for history. This option gives you more control over how Firefox handles your search history. When using custom settings, avoid enabling the Always use private browsing mode setting. If this setting is enabled, it will force Firefox to disable cookies from saving properly. Simply make sure that this option is unchecked.

It’s fine to not allow Firefox to remember your browsing history, download history, and search and form history. These options can all be unchecked if you choose. However, if the Accept cookies from sites option is not checked, you will encounter issues with signing in to MLSListings.

Private Browsing Mode

As with every other browser, the general idea is to allow cookies to be saved on the computer. Firefox has a feature called Private Browsing Mode. With Private Browsing Mode enabled, Firefox will not save cookies or any other information from the internet. This is good if you are trying to hide your browsing habits from advertisers, but not so good for any websites with security requirements.

Please ensure that you are not using Firefox in Private Browsing Mode.

Private Mode is normally a one-off setting that you can enable after opening Firefox. If you are unsure, simply restarting Firefox will stop Private Browsing Mode. Firefox can also be forced into Private Browsing Mode. Please look over the Privacy Tab section above for help on permanently disabling Private Browsing Mode.

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