Recommended Settings for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) is the default Browser that is installed with Windows. IE is also the most commonly used Browser at this time. MLSListings is compatible with the 3 most recent versions of Internet Explorer – IE7, IE8, and IE9.

This page provides recommended settings for IE. If you are having problems signing in, or the system seems to be acting strangely, the information on this page may help to resolve your issues.

Flash Player and Java

Flash Player and Java are required to use all available features on the MLSListings system.

Flash Player is required for signing in through the Strong Authentication and for our Photo Upload tool. Without Flash Player installed, you will not be able to sign in successfully or upload photos onto your listings. If you have no problems with signing in, then it’s safe to assume that Flash Player is installed properly. If you are unsure or have problems logging in, please consider uninstalling and re-installing Flash Player.

For instructions and help with Flash Player, please visit our Adobe Flash Player page.

Java is a required for our Map Search tool. Some of the layers on the map may not show properly without Java installed. Java may also be a requirement for working on other MLS Boards, like Paragon.

For instructions and help with Java, please visit our Download and Install Java page.

Internet Options

To access the Internet Options on all versions of IE, click Tools, then click Internet Options.

If you cannot see the Tools menu, you can access it by pressing Alt (on your keyboard), followed by the letter T.

The Internet Options window should look similar to the image on the right. Note that across the top of the Internet Options window are tabs that take you to different settings.

The General Tab

The image on the right is showing the General tab. Configure the Browsing History section so that it is not automatically clearing cookies. All you need to do is make sure that the Delete browsing history on exit option is not checked.

If you choose not to disable this setting, it is still possible to accept cookies. Click the Delete… button in this section. A second window will appear where you can select the items that IE will delete on exit. Ensure that the cookies option is not checked. The next time you exit from IE, only the checked items will be deleted.

The Security Tab

Now that your IE has been set up to not clear cookies on exit, we can move onto the next tab – Security. The default setting of Medium-high is recommended. To revert back to the default setting, click the Reset all zones to default level button located towards the bottom of the window.

For Window 7 and Vista users, you may also find another setting to Enable Protected Mode. This setting usually does not cause any issues, but some issues may be resolved by having this option disabled
(not checked).

The Privacy Tab

The Privacy tab has settings that allow you to customize how cookies are handled. Cookies are very important when accessing MLSListings. If your Browser is not set up to accept cookies properly, you will have problems signing in.

The Sites button (shown in image to the right), allows you to manually add websites to always allow or block cookies for specific websites. To help ensure that IE is properly saving cookies check your Sites button. Click the Sites button to open a list of managed websites. Type the two required websites in the Address of Website field. Once you have entered in the address, click Allow to add the website to your list.

As in the image to the right, please Allow the following two URLs:

The Privacy tab also holds settings for IE’s Pop-up Blocker. Normally, the Pop-up Blocker is enabled by default. Having the Pop-up Blocker enabled does not affect your experience on MLSListings system, however, other websites that are linked from MLSListings may require that your Pop-up Blocker is disabled. Consider unchecking the Turn on Pop-up Blocker to disable this option.

Reset IE to Default Settings

IE provides a way to configure all your settings back to default. You may find yourself in a situation where resetting the Browser back to default becomes easier than hunting down the specific item you need to change.

Resetting your Browser will not remove your personal settings unless you tell it to. You will be able to keep your saved passwords and Favorites pages. Everything else will be disabled or removed, including your 3rd party toolbars. These toolbars are generally considered more harmful than helpful, and can affect the way that some websites are displayed.

Visit the Advanced tab to reset your Browser. On this tab, you will find a button labeled Reset… towards the bottom right-hand side. Click Reset… to bring up a confirmation window. The confirmation window tells you exactly what will change if you decide to continue. There is no need to check the option to Delete personal settings. If this option is checked, it will clear everything, including your saved passwords.

Click Reset at the bottom of the confirmation window to begin the process. This step may take a few moments, depending on what IE has to reset. Once the process has completed, you will be asked to reset your Browser. Please close all existing IE windows, and start the program again, otherwise you will need to wait until the next time to restart IE.

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