Download and Install Java

Just like Adobe Flash Player, Java is a program that allows you to view rich media content and use advanced web applications on the internet. Java is an important component for many websites. We recommend having the latest version of Java installed on your computer to get the most out of the websites you visit.

Java is required on MLSListings for all Browsers. While most features on our website will work just fine without Java, you may find certain portions of the website to act strange without Java. Java is also required for use on Paragon. Their system is based in Java, and will not work properly without Java installed.

How to Download and Install Java

Java is available for free on their website.

Please click here to visit

A bright red button will appear in the center of the page, which reads Free Java Download. Click this button to continue.

The next page is a license agreement and Installation Instructions. To access the instructions, click the link labeled Installation Instructions. Please follow the instructions given by Java. Their system is able to detect your Browser and Operating System, which allows them to provide a clear set of instructions specific to your configuration.

Regardless of your configuration, please pay close attention when installing any software on your computer. Read everything carefully! Avoid installing any bundled software, as this may cause problems down the road.

After installation, you may want to restart your Browser. Once Java is properly installed, there is no need to open or configure anything. It will work in the background as needed. You will periodically receive notifications to update Java. It’s alright to miss a few updates, but try not to let this go on for too long. If something on your system seems off, consider running your updates.

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