How To: Advanced CMA

1. From your search results page, you will check the box to the left of the listings you will like to include, and then click the CMA button at the bottom.

2. When the Matrix Advance CMA opens on the Start tab; you can choose to Create a New Contact or select from your Contact List. If you choose not to do either one, we suggest you type a Description so you can quickly identify your CMA for future use.

TIP: You will notice a toolbar at the top; this will guide you through creating your CMA from beginning to end.

3. The next step will be to click on the tab at the top that says Pages, and then select from the Available Pages on the left. When you click on the available pages you want, you will see them appear on the right side under Selected Pages. If you choose to remove any pages, highlight the item and then click on the red X icon to the right. Side Tip: Click on the Set as Default link at the bottom to set the pages you selected as your default.

You can also upload you own reports (must be pdf file and under 500KB)

4. Next go to the Subject tab and choose one of the 3 options to enter your Subject Property information.

The 3 options are:

-Type in the Subject Property fields manually

-Enter a Residential Property MLS Number to auto-fill from

-Search for a Residential Property listing to auto-fill from

5. The next tab at the top is for the Cover page. Here you can enter your clients Contact Information as well as change your Agent Information.

6. On the Comparables tab you will see the listings that you initially selected before clicking on CMA. If you need to you can Remove Listings that you decide you do not want to use, Search for Additional Comparables to add, Add Comparables from a Cart or Print

7. Map.  There is nothing to do here other then looking at where your comps are located on the map.

8. The Adjustments tab allows you to make adjustments if needed. You can stay in the current view which is the Single Line Mode and then click on the arrows to view the fields and make adjustments. Or you can go to the Detail Mode and click on the Next and Previous buttons to view the adjusting properties and also to make your adjustment.

9. The Pricing tab will show you the Summary of the Comparables Price with the Low, Median, Average and High. You will also see a suggested price under the Additional Analysis. You can copy or type this price under the Suggested List Price, or just type your own. Please keep in mind, if the suggested price is not within 20% (greater or lesser) of the median adjusted price of the comparable, based on the average price per square foot of the comparable X’s the square footage of the subject, it will not display.

10. Finally, on the Finish tab you will have the option to View the CMA and/or Email the CMA. You will also see an overview of the pages that you have selected, and the count of comparable properties that are being used.

11. Although it has an auto-save, please manually save the report by clicking on the floppy disk

Tip: If you view the CMA and decide you do not want to use a page that was selected,  you can close the report and return to the Pages tab and unselect those you would like to remove. If you would like to save your CMA even though the Matrix system auto saves the work for you, you can click on the Disk icon. If you would like to delete your CMA, click on the red circle with the X in it.

Note: Please remember there are different variations of searching for comparable. Please consult your broker if there are specifics they prefer to go by. In this example, price and square footage is what we are aiming for.

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