DataMaster FAQ

What is DataMaster?

DataMaster is a program designed to increase appraiser efficiency. It is not a search engine and does not replace the MLS. It works in cooperation with participating MLS systems. After you have selected the comparables you want to use in your report, you enter them into DataMaster. DataMaster downloads the MLS and Public Records information directly into your appraisal report. DataMaster pulls information directly from the MLS and Public Records. It eliminated the majority of typing and saved you time.

Do I have to belong to the MLS?

Yes. DataMaster has been integrated to work with MLSListings’ Matrix. Access to DataMaster exports to MLSListings requires an Active subscription.

What data source does the Public Records information come from?

MLSListings uses Realist as our data source for Public Records information.

What appraisal software does DataMaster work with?

DataMaster integrates with:

  • WinTOTAL
  • ClickFORMS
  • Appraise-It
  • ACI

What forms does DataMaster work with?

All UAD Forms, 1004 URAR, 1004MC Manufactured, 1025, 1073, 1075, 2000 Field Review, 2055, AI Form, ERC 2003, ERC 2010, BPO, GPAR, 1073 Condo & 2055.

*Some forms apply to various Appraisal Software Vendors.

How do I access the DataMaster exports through MLSListings?

Please note that DataMaster exports are only available to MLSListings’ Appraisers. Agent and Broker accounts do not have access to the DataMaster exports.

If you have an Appraiser account with us, DataMaster exports can be accessed from the Exports page in Matrix. Simply run a search for your properties, then from the Search Results page, click ‘Export. Select ‘DataMaster’, then click the Export button. Your Browser will prompt you to save the .DM file, which can be opened directly with the DataMaster software.

For more information about the DataMaster product, please click here to visit their FAQ

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