How To: Map Search Using The Polygon Search

If you don’t know how to get here, click here to get to “Getting To Map  Search”

1. Once in the map search, click on the polygon icon.

2. Take your cursor where you would like to start your polygon and click (left click) to start.  Each time you would like to freeze a point or make a turn (left or right), click (left click) to freeze the point.  When you are done drawing your polygon, go back to your starting point and click (left).

If you would like to modify your polygon, see the remaining steps:

3. Take your cursor over the line of the polygon you would like to modify.  This will create a bubble.    Once you see the bubble,  click AND hold your click (left) and drag it left or right  or up or down to move the line of your polygon.  When satisfied, let go of the click.

4. To get back to the criteria, click on “Criteria”

5. To view the results, click on “Results”

6. To jump to a specific location on the map such as address, city or zip code, click on the arrow pointing down next to “Jump to” and you will be able to type it in.



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