How To: Map Search Using The Rectangle Search

If you don’t know how to get here, click here to get to “Getting To Map  Search”

1. Once in the map search, click on the rectangle icon.

2. Take your cursor on the map (where you want to start drawing your rectangle) and hold down your click (left) and drag it away from your starting point.  Once done, let go of the click and your shape will be on the map.

3. To expand or extract a line, take your cursor on the line then click and drag in any directions.  When done expanding or extracting, let go of the click

4. To get back to the criteria, click on “Criteria”

5. To view the results, click on “Results”

6. To jump to a specific location on the map such as address, city or zip code, click on the arrow pointing down next to “Jump to” and you will be able to type it in.

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