Coming Soon Listings

For a full list of features about Coming Soon, view our full Coming Soon guide.

Add a Coming Soon or a Comp Only Listing

In the listing details section of My Listings, the listing status field allows you to choose Coming Soon or Comp Only from the drop down menu for all property types EXCEPT for rentals. Entering all required listing data and list price satisfies an agent’s mandatory submission requirement.

Coming Soon Definition: There is a valid listing contract between the seller and the listing broker, but the listing is not ready for market. The listing is in the MLS but not on market.

Comp Only Definition: Listings not added to the MLS as a result of seller instructions may be added to the MLS “sold” data at the listing broker’s discretion. Listings entered for comparable purposes only must be entered within 30-days of closing, and will have “For Comp Purposes Only” added to the first line of confidential remarks.

Coming Soon is NOT an online exclusion. A Coming Soon property is listed on the MLS with some special rules:

  1. Days on Market does not accrue.
  2. Auto emails and print functions inside Matrix are disabled.
  3. Syndication options including Internet and VOW are disabled.

Coming Soon is a time-limited status. Listings not brought to active within 30 days will automatically be put into withdrawn status. At the time a Coming Soon listings is set to withdrawn, days on market will start calculating.

To add a comp only listing, simple choose comp only from the Listing Status drop down menu in the listing details section of the listing. Then enter all the required fields and submit your listing.

Manage a Coming Soon Listing

Once you have submitted a Coming Soon property, you have the option to manage it. Click on Coming Soon from the My Listings Dashboard.

At any time you can select any of the following actions for your coming soon properties:

  1. Manage Photos
  2. Edit Listing
  3. Change Status

To change the status to active, click the drop down menu next to the listing that says Select an Action. Choose Change Status. You will be able to select Active or Sold. Properties in Coming Soon moved directly to a sold status will be considered Comp Only.

When the Coming Soon property status is updated, you will receive a congratulations screen.

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