Listing Exclusions

Add Exclusions Online

Now you can file your exclusions online. By submitting the electronic exclusion, you are confirming that you have received the necessary paperwork from the seller. There will no longer be a need to send us your forms by fax or email. But, be sure you have it on file, MLSListings may ask to see the signed form.

To add your exclusion electronically, click on Add New Exclusion from the My Listings dashboard.

Then follow the prompts to choose the type of exclusion.

Enter the required fields:

  1. Listing Office
  2. Listing Agent Name
  3. Exclusion Date
  4. Expiration Date
  5. Address for the property to be excluded

Be sure to click the check box at the bottom of the page to acknowledge that you have the Seller’s signed request to exclude the property.

Once you have clicked the box, you are ready to submit your exclusion.

Once submitted, you will receive a success screen confirming your submission.

Manage Your Exclusions

Once you have submitted an exclusion, you have the option to manage it. Click on Excluded from the My Listings Dashboard.

At any time you can select the following actions for your excluded properties:

  1. Bring to Market
  2. Bring to Coming Soon
  3. Report a Sale
  4. Exclusion Ended

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