Working With Broker Tours

Add Your Listing to Tour

Along with the rest of My Listings, adding a tour has been completely updated. It’s very similar to adding an open house. From any active listing, click on Select an Action, and choose Property Tour from the drop down menu.

First choose the tour sponsor. The tour sponsor is the association backing the tour. For example, Monterey County Association of REALTORS® or Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS®.

Once the tour sponsor is selected, choose the tour name. This field will only show the tours available for that association.

The tour description will automatically populate once you choose the tour name. The tour date will automatically select the next available tour date.

Click in the tour date field to change the date. Notice that the tour date field will only allow you to choose dates that particular tour will happen.

Add your remarks and click the submit button. You can add as many property tours for a listing as you would like.

Manage Scheduled Tours

Once your property tour is added, you can then manage scheduled tours. Click the plus button next to the tour listing.

Then you have the option to change the status of the property tour to scheduled or removed.

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