Matrix Custom Displays

Matrix allows you to customize your search results display any way you want it. Whenever you run a search, your columns may not be ordered the way you like, or maybe you want to add or remove columns. This How-to article covers the everything you’ll need to know about customizing your Search Results display.

Matrix Custom Display Settings can be accessed from the My Matrix tab. Just click My Matrix, then click Settings on the drop-down menu that appears. The Settings page has many customization options available to you. This article focuses on Custom Displays.

Setting up a Custom Display from My Matrix

Once you’ve accessed the My Matrix Settings page, you will see a section for Custom Displays. Notice that there is a counter that displays the number of Custom Displays you may already have set up. There is no limit to the number of Custom Displays you can create.

Click Custom Displays to get started on creating a new display.

Once on the Manage Custom Displays screen, you’ll see a drop-down menu that allows you to select different types of searches.

  • Cross Property
    All Property Searches
  • Agent
    Agent Search
  • Office
    Office Search
  • Open House
    Open House Search

Select the type of Custom Display you want to set up from the menu. Typically, Cross Property will be the most commonly used option, as this allows for Custom Displays on all property searches.

Select Add to add a new Custom Display. If this is your first time setting up a Custom Display, you will want to choose this option. You can also edit existing Custom Displays by first selecting the Custom Display to edit, then clicking Edit to the right.

The Build Custom Display screen (shown above) is where all the magic happens.

First enter in a Display Name. If you decide to create multiple Custom Displays, or if you want to add more down the road, it will be useful to give it a name that is easily identifiable.

On the left is a list of ‘Available Cross Property Columns’. This list includes every available column that you can use on your Custom Display. Use the Search field below the list to more easily find a column. Once you have chosen a column by clicking on it, click the Add button to add it to your list of ‘Selected Columns’. You can also remove unwanted columns by selecting from the ‘Selected Columns’ menu, then clicking the Remove button.

Use the Up and Down buttons to arrange the order of your columns. The columns will show in the same order they appear in the Select Columns list.

The Custom Column Properties section allows further options for your display. These settings are optional.

  • Label allows you to rename a display to anything you like.
  • Pixel Width allows you to set how wide you want the column to be.
  • Alignment allows you to set how information is oriented within the column.
  • Wrap Line allows information to be wrapped within the column. This is useful if you don’t want to have a wide column, but still want to see all the information.

Once you are satisfied with building out your Custom Display, click the green Save button at the bottom.

Setting up a Custom Display from Search Results

Sometimes you may want to quickly add a single column to your search results display. This section covers how to customize your results display directly from your Search Results page.

Once you’ve gotten your Search Results, you can click on any column header to bring down a menu. This menu allows you to make the following types of edits:

  • The label displayed on the column
  • The pixel width of the column
  • The alignment of information in the column
  • Wrap text within the column (Wrap Line)
  • Remove the column
  • Insert a new column

Once you’ve made your changes, remember to click the green Apply button to save your changes.

Insert columns

Inserting a new column will add your desired column to the left of the column you are currently editing. You can always move the columns around at a later time.

Use the Search field below the list of columns to find a column if you are having trouble.

Rearrange/Move columns

You can rearrange or move a column simply by dragging it around on your screen.

Move your mouse onto the column header that you want to move. Your cursor will change into a 4-way pointer. While your cursor looks like a 4-way pointer, click and drag the column to your desired location.

Resizing columns

Sometimes a column may not be wide enough to display all the information. Matrix lets you resize the column width so you can display all or only part of the information available.

Move your mouse to the area to the right of the column you want to resize. Your cursor will change into a column with arrows pointing left and right. While your cursor looks like this, click and drag to the right until the column is in your desired size.

Saving your Custom Display from the Search Results page

Customizing your display from the Search Results page does not automatically save it. If you want to save your display for use at a later time, use the Manage Display button (), located on the toolbar just above your search results.

Clicking the Manage Display button will bring down a menu that allows you to give a name to your Custom Display. Provide a name inside the Display Name field, then click Save as a Copy. Your new Custom Display will be available inside the Display menu.

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