Power Course Track Description

Advance your skills by taking classes in the Power track. Learn how to mine MLS data for listing opportunities and market performance tracking. Develop your social media sites and content including video capture and publishing courses.

How Do I:

Automate Market Updates

Automating Your Business for Maximum Efficiency


This workshop will teach you how to spend less time with your keyboard and more time with your clients. You will learn to set up automated market inventory and activity reports for fast delivery to your mobile device, keeping you in touch with current market conditions even when you’re on the road with clients.

Learn how easy it is to stay connected to the activity in your area with automated email notifications to your smart phone or tablet.

Course Content/Modules

  • Select your market area
  • Set up priority searches
  • Perform advanced search options
  • Create automated email notifications

Course Duration and Format

This is a 90-minute seminar format course


Matrix 101
Matrix 201