New Course Track Description

Courses in this track will lay your MLSListings learning foundation, and provide you with the mandatory proficiencies needed to effectively list, search, report and communicate with clients.

Course Offerings

MLSListings Essentials: Required Training

It’s important for the cooperative nature of MLSListings that all of our subscribers understand the fundamentals of our List, Search and Rules Compliance. Beginning on May 19, 2014 all new subscribers to MLSListings must attend the required training within the first 60-days of joining.

HomeSnap Mobile

Take your business on the road with two MLS mobile apps – HomeSnap Pro. Learn how to grow your business by harnessing the power of the MLS even when you’re out of the office. Free with your MLSListings subscription, both apps allow you to stay connected to your MLS with your smart phone or tablet. Access “up-to-the-minute” agent-level data for instant responses to your clients’ questions.

Listing Management: If You Can’t List It, You Can’t Sell It.

Listings are hard to come by so when you do get them, it’s important that you know how to add them to the MLS correctly. This course will teach you how to add and update your listings on the MLSListings platform. You will also get a refresher in how to stay out of trouble and get support.

Tackling Technology 101: Desktop Version

Learn basic computer skills to navigate through MLS software and mobile applications. This lab-focused class will start at the beginning with mouse techniques, navigation, screen captures, browsers, and general terminology.

The Power of Public Records

Savvy home buyers and sellers can easily tell when an agent is prepared and wants their business. Public records are powerful tools in learning as much as possible about a property. Realist is a public records database that seamlessly works with the MLSListings platform to provide in-depth property and ownership data, market information, and much more! Learn how to interpret the rich data that is available to you to boost your competitive advantage.

Matrix 101 – Start Selling with Matrix

If you can’t find it, you can’t sell it! Matrix is the system you will use to search through the rich MLSListings data that is at your fingertips. In this introductory class, you will learn the fundamentals of searching and reporting in Matrix.

The Art of the CMA

MLSListings offers its members a variety of CMA products. Some are easy and quick. Others are more complex but very information-rich. This course will dive into each of the four main CMA products, while highlighting the features and benefits of each one.

Tackling Technology 101: Mobile Version

Learn basic smart phone techniques and skills to maximize features. This lab-focused class will start at the beginning with navigation, photos, applications and updates, maps, and general terminology.