Professional Development & Business Support – Pro – Custom Displays and Exports

Pro Course Track Description

The Pro track offers skills to fine tune your MLSListings experience with customized, streamlined search and report options to support your most frequent business activities.

Custom Displays and Exports

Matrix can be customized to meet your viewing and exporting requirements to assist you with listing organization and deep data analysis. This course will discuss how to build your own data viewing formats and how to share that data into other digital tools.

Course Content/Modules

  • Building custom column displays
  • Designing custom sort orders
  • Setting default display options
  • Exporting custom data to excel
  • Printing and emailing custom reports

Course Duration and Format

This is a 60-minute workshop format course with an added 30-minute Q&A period.


Search and report essentials
Advanced search and report

Additional Learning Resources


Building Custom Displays
Setting Search and Results Defaults

User Guides

Headers and Footers
Customize Your Dashboard
Customize Your Market Watch
Customize Your Dashboard Hotsheet
Reset Display and Set Criteria to System Defaults
Set Your Search Criteria as Default
Set Current Display and Count per Page as Default
Setting Up a Custom Sort
Customizing Your Columns
Changing Your Display
Customize Your Exports