Pro Course Track Description

The Pro track offers skills to fine tune your MLSListings experience with customized, streamlined search and report options to support your most frequent business activities.

Matrix 301

Flex your Matrix muscles by learning advanced search and report techniques. Not all search tools return the same results. That’s because zip code borders don’t match to city lines and so on. Take your Matrix proficiency to a whole new level by learning the features, benefits, and limitations of each search tool. Expand your skills using Matrix to advance your listing data gathering and reporting expertise. You will also learn the nuances of map search technology to ensure you’re finding all the results to maximize your selling or buying opportunities.

Course Content/Modules

  • Accessing Advanced Data Fields
  • Advanced Map Search / Map Techniques
  • School District Searches
  • Using Carts
  • Searching Broker Tours
  • Searching Open Houses

Course Duration and Format

This is a 60-minute workshop format course with an added 30-minute Q&A period.


Matrix 101
Matrix 201

Additional Learning Resources


Matrix Basic Search
Matrix Results
Map Search
Locating an Address on a Map
Quick CMA
Print Reports
Saved Search
Introduction to Realist
Working with Realist Results
Setting Realist Search Criteria
Realist Map Tools

User Guides

Listing Search
Entering Search Criteria
Map Search — Radius
Map Search — Polygon
Map Search — Rectangle
Report Printing
Hot Sheet Search
Save a Search
Basic Statistics Search
Saving Stats Reports
Printing and Emailing Stats
Accessing Matrix Stats
Running Tabular Stats
Getting Started with Realist
Realist Search
Using the Realist Map Search
Realist Report Options