Pro Course Track Description

The Pro track offers skills to fine tune your MLSListings experience with customized, streamlined search and report options to support your most frequent business activities.

Course Offerings

Matrix 201 – Matrix for Maximum Momentum

You have your dashboard just how you like it. You know how to search and create reports. You are able to communicate with your clients through Matrix. Now it’s time to learn how to bend Matrix to your will! Build upon the skills learned in the Basic Class, with a focus on searching with maps, customizing data results to meet your specific needs, and communicating your findings to your client.

Paragon 201: Beyond the Basics

Build upon the skills learned in the Paragon 101 class with a focus on searching with maps, customizing data results to meet your specific needs, and communicating your findings to your client. Learn to customize your portal via the CollabCenter, update saved searches and auto emails, and utilize Hotsheets to see activity in the city, zip, or neighborhood in which you do business.

Custom Displays and Exports

In this course you will learn how to save time and effort by customizing your Matrix search results for easier reading and more detailed listing information. Make Matrix “work like you work.”

Matrix 301 – Next Level Searching and Reporting

Flex your Matrix muscles by learning advanced search and report techniques. Not all search tools return the same results. That’s because zip code borders don’t match to city lines and so on. Take your Matrix proficiency to a whole new level by learning the features, benefits, and limitations of each search tool.

Listing Watch

After completing this course, you’ll never again be embarrassed by clients telling you about a change in listing status! You will be the expert on the listings in your farm area.

Market Intelligence Made Simple

Market intelligence is defined as the information relevant to a company’s business environment, gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making. Clients look to you to be the market expert. This course will show you how to mine rich MLS data to gather and be able to present insight into market conditions.

The Science of an Open House

The conventional Open House is your opportunity to meet face-to-face with prospective buyers. Many agents completely gloss over this important marketing opportunity. Not you though. In this course you will learn how to create detailed neighborhood reports, market statistics, and brandable client-facing materials. In other words, you will learn the science behind rocking the Open House.

REALTORS Properties Resource®  (RPR) Essentials

You’ve heard of RPR and maybe even created your account – now what? You now have the power to access the property data for virtually any home in the country when you need, whenever you need. Imagine showing up at a listing presentation and handing your potential clients an insightful report that includes key information about their property, comparable listings on the market, sales and valuation data, and so much more! This class will show you what it means to “show up to play.”

“Mobilize” Your Business

Take your business on the road with two MLS mobile apps – HomeSnap Pro and RPR Mobile. Learn how to grow your business by harnessing the power of the MLS even when you’re out of the office. Free with your MLSListings subscription, both apps allow you to stay connected to your MLS with your smart phone or tablet. Access “up-to-the-minute” agent-level data for instant responses to your clients’ questions.