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As we continue to work to solve difficulties with some of the functions of the new Matrix and the new Listing Management, we want you to know that we are working on every call and email we receive. We apologize if you have had a long wait to connect with a customer support specialist. As we hear from you, our teams are able to specifically tackle those problems.

We appreciate your patience and again, apologize for these technical glitches. We also want to hear from you as you experience any additional problems with the system. Our goal is to resolve every issue.

We will continue to post updates to the New Matrix and Listing Management systems. Please be sure to contact us with any issues you are experiencing at or call us at 1-866-734-5787.

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Listing Management

The map feature (in both traditional and tile view) now has an “expand” option, allowing you to place the property flag more precisely.
The ‘Show Required Only’ toggle button switch has been renamed ‘Show Required Fields Only’.
Thanks to your subscriber feedback, we added the option to create an open house and add a listing to a tour meeting when adding or editing a listing without having to return to the main menu.
When selecting internet distribution options for a listing, the wording for this option in Listing Management has been changed from ‘Do you want this listing posted on consumer sites?’ to ‘Do you want this listing on the Internet?’
Now when you select the ‘Comp Only’ option in Listing Management, the system will automatically populate the mandatory disclosure text ‘For Comp Purposes Only’ into the Private Remarks Field.
A new feature enabling you to print a PDF from Listing Management is being rolled out at its BETA level, giving you the opportunity to test and provide feedback on the feature. This printable PDF will allow you to print a well formatted version of a property listing that can be shared with a client to verify listing information before it is activated. This will also use fewer pages than printing the web page of a listing.
In Listing Management, a new feature will now ask users to verify the Street Name field if the system detects a suffix in the field box. For example, if a user enters “Pine Street” in the Street Name field, the Listing Management application will display a message asking if the user wants to include “Street”, instructing them that it looks like a suffix and should go into the Street Suffix field.
In both views of Listing Management, you can now sort your draft listings by Address, APN#, Class, Draft Name, Date Modified and Expire Date, making it easier to find properties you want to edit.
An error was occurring when users would select “Expressway” under the Street Suffix field. The error has been fixed.
Reciprocal agents from other MLSs can now view “Coming Soon” listings at
There was a problem with the co-listing agent’s license number not being saved after it was entered into a property listing. This issue has been fixed.
The order of property types in the Listing Management dropdown has been changed to the order of properties most commonly used.
An enhancement has been made in Dashboard Alerts to include property type, status and list date. This was done to make it easier for you to identify properties you want to work on more quickly.
The Street Prefix field has been added to provide examples of the kind of information to enter in the field. This new data field will also improve property searches when searching by street name in the future.
When selecting a draft in Listings Management, you are now able to sort by Address, APN#, Class, Draft Name, Date Modified and Expiration Date.
School District criteria is now required to enter a property through Listing Management.
The code used to create and style Listing Management’s views was optimize to improve browser response time.
A new notification to the Edit Listing menu has been added. Now, when selecting Edit Listing in SelectView, a notification will appear if you don’t have any listings to edit.
We learned that the BRE search box in Listing Management was overlapping other content for some users in Internet Explorer and Safari browsers. This issue has been fixed.

Zeroing out expenses for Income Properties now calculates a zero total.

Drafts must now contain completed contact and agent information in order to be saved.

The photo upload and management interface has been enhanced to improve the usability of uploading and reusing images for property listings.

If the user hovers over the plus (+) symbol in the upper right hand corner of the tiles it will pop up click and drag info, allowing you to customize the look of your SlecetView dashboard.

Section headers have been added to SelectView, to identify areas of the form for data entry. This will make it easier for you to identify input areas in the form as you scroll down the page.

The “Tips” section in Selectview have been updated to improve your usability with this feature.

You are now be able to select multiple draft entries to delete at once instead of having to delete separate drafts individually.

This is an easier, more user-friendly option for entering and managing listings. You may choose to continue using the existing scrolling listing management application or you may choose to use SelectView to display all the property listing fields in a single view for easier and faster data entry.

This tool adds analytics capabilities to listings on You will now be able to see comprehensive metrics for each of your listings.

In the Start a Listing section we have added a “Building Type” field allowing you to indicate whether or not a single family home is attached or detached.

After you create a listing (and it receives an MLS #) you will be able to create an Open House and add it to a broker tour from within the form. For each Open House you create, you will be able to make any edits yourself from the Actions menu without having to contact Customer Support. You cannot edit a broker tour but do have the ability to delete your listing from a broker tour without having to contact Customer Support.

Easily look up a cooperating agent anytime you have to change the status of a listing from Pending to Sold.

While they will remain as fields in Listing Management, we have removed Point of Sale Ordinance (Y/N) and City Transfer Tax (Y/N) from being required fields.

The new Listing Management tool now allows assistants, office managers and photo vendors the ability to view their own activity logs. These activity logs permit users see the last hundred listings they have worked on and also keep a running session log of the users most recent actions.

We recently learned of a bug that was allowing co-listing agents the ability to overwrite a listing agent. That bug has been fixed.

Many of you have probably noticed our new Residential Listing Input Form. Don’t be alarmed at the length from this update; the new form has more length for two specific reasons:

Easier Readability and Workability

The content in the previous form was jammed tightly into five pages, making the document hard to read and fill out. Much of the new length is from reformatting for readability. There is now a much larger area for Private Remarks and Disclosures. In the Disclosures section, you can manually enter links with much more ease, and the Private Remarks you now have a 1000 character threshold compared to the previous 256 character threshold.

Added Options for Your Listings

When you look at the new Residential Listing Input Form you’ll notice an added amount of options in many input fields. Not only did this add to the overall length of the document, but it also added more options and values you can share about your listings. These new available options are in compliance with National Association of REALTORS® Policy and the national data dictionary defined by Real Estate Standards Organization providing a standard value set for real estate listings across the nation.

While the length of the document is visibly longer, the amount of information to be inputted has really only grown due to font size and added listing values.

Please note a new Coming Soon button on the Pro Homepage. You now can easily access the new Coming Soon feature for your listings which some have already taken advantage of.

“Just because the post office doesn’t recognize a city, no longer means you can’t use it for your clients! We’ve fixed that!

What is called, “Postal Aliases,” now exist in the new Listing Management.

We heard from many brokers and agents that in real estate a city is more than the name given by the post office, it aligns with schools and other services in which clients have preferences.

You can now choose those non-postal names for your listings, as long as the name is recognized by the US Postal Service as an alternative acceptable city. Some city aliases, such as Alviso or Del Rey Oaks, will be recognized, while others will soon be added to our system.”

“Many of you noticed that your new photos were not appearing as the most recent. We’ve fixed that. Now your new photos will show up at the top of your listing, the most recent and relevant.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything differently. Upload a photo and it will order itself!”

Postal code data has been extended by importing MLS data to support dual county zip codes. Users can now choose from shared resources like school districts and areas across counties.

Address auto population functionality allows users to modify/change tax auto pop during address entry. This enables listing, without MLS support, properties with address changes, new construction and incorrect public records data. The agent can move the listing map pin freely and enter a variety of properties without seeking technical support from the MLS.

Business rules associated to Area, County and Districts have been relaxed to allow listing entry for border properties.

Area selection lists were recently put into numerical order to make the selection easier. The cities and area pick lists are being reviewed to provide a better user experience.

There have been many issues with uploading photos. We fixed many of them with an update on Dec. 14. We continue to monitor the photo process, and we are still working with Matrix to fix the order of photo appearance on reports and displays.

On the day of launch, the Listing Management application experienced extreme slowness. We were able to identify the issues and by Dec. 12 those issues including system errors, performance and update of data to Matrix were fixed.

At the time of launch many broker assistants had not been granted permission to access Listing Management. We manually updated permissions on the day of launch, and have since fixed our automated process.

When Listing Management launched, agents were unable to edit remarks about open houses. We have fixed the issue on Dec. 14.

The listing field explanations initially did not appear and will be available to assist with questions about the listing input fields.

A fix to allow users to extend COE and Expiration Date without MLS assistance.

Now you’ll always know how much space you have left for any remarks (public or private) you would like to add to you listings. The counter will tell you exactly how many characters you have left.

“We have added the ability for you to receive alerts on your Listing Management dashboard. You will automatically be alerted about the following:

  • COE approaching
  • Listings expiring
  • Low photo counts
  • Possible compliance violations”

New feature to extend dates is now available! An option has been added that provides you with an extended date function for pending and contingent listings. You can now extend the dates of COE and expiration dates for listings in pending or contingent status.

Subscribers now have full access to Listing Management tips which offer guidance as you manage your listings.

We found that in rare instances some photo uploads were using camera image compression that our system was not handling correctly resulting in photos being displayed in a much smaller size. Our engineering team has resolved the problem and you can now upload all your photos without this issue occurring in the future. If you experienced this issue you can re-upload those photos to correct the photo display.

We know open houses are an important part of your business, and we were missing a vital feature. You now can edit the remarks for your open houses.

During this time of transition, broker tour information has been an issue. Our teams have addressed the problems and now you can edit the remarks for broker tours using the new “edit tour remarks” option in the tours section of Listing Management.

Please note! We have added buttons at the top of Listing Management to provide a view of your recent listings (any listing added or changed in the past 6-months). In the updated system, you would use the added button to view all of your listings. This update reduces clutter, while still providing a view to all listings.


Your Pro site session will remain active longer while you work in Matrix, allowing you to work between the two sites for longer periods without being prompted to log back in.

Now you have the option to hone in on the results you need by narrowing your parameters to the County/City/Area you need and filter out the ones you don’t. Just look for the “location section in Matrix Residential Search.
A Client Open House Full Report (Client OH Full) is now available for you to share with your clients. This report will not include agent specific information.
The Length of Escrow (LOE) days has been moved above the fold when viewing a property in Matrix. You will no longer have to scroll down the page to find this information after a property has been sold.
The date in Open House Thumbnail was changed to the MM/DD/YYYY format, and times were changes the 12-hour view from the military 24-hour format.

A CloudCMA button has been added to the bottom of the Matrix search results page.

If you have a CloudCMA subscription you may select a property, or multiple properties, and easily access your CloudCMA. If you don’t have a subscription and select the icon, you will be prompted to a web page where you can elect to subscribe to CloudCMA.

This field has been populated with values, which will help appraisers when exporting multi-family units from our database.
There were certain circumstances in which the DOM for a listing was not calculated properly when its status was changed, or if a listing was cancelled or expired but returned to active within 30 days. This has been fixed.

In the Agent Full and Agent Page Reports, the name and phone number of a property’s listing agent has been moved to the top section of the report in order to find this information faster. Also, after the property status has changed to sold, the selling agent’s name will display below the listing agent information.

When searching for properties by street name, results will show all street prefixes that match your search criteria. For example, when if you type in “Pine” in the search bar, results will include “Pine St, Pine Avenue, Pine Haven, etc.” This will help save time and help in situations where exact street names are not used for a specific property search.

You asked and we acted! Due to popular request, the Quick MLS# Search is back in your Matrix dashboard.

NOTE: You can still search by MLS# in the Matrix Speed Bar near the top of the page.

Our Buyer Netsheets were previously and incorrectly showing our Seller Netsheets. This inaccuracy has been fixed and now the correct report is being shown for both our Buyer and Seller Netsheets.

The price range field has been added and now shows in the Market Summary Reports.

Lot size and street designators (i.e. St, Ave, Ct, etc.) are now showing on your Quick CMA reports.

The link for DocCentral is now available in all agent and client reports.

The status icon of a listing being a REO or Short Sale now appears across all applicable Agent and Client Reports including the one-line view.

You are now able to search by Co-Listing Agents when conducting an advanced search in Matrix.

We have an update on the issue with our static maps. Previously, when the property indicator was moved, the change in location was not being displayed on the static maps. The issue is now being remedied through a process which periodically updates the static maps throughout the day.

Static Maps will soon be updated instantly when you move you the property indicator. We will let you know when this fix is fully implemented.

In the previous version of Matrix, Additional Fields feature under the Market Reports were available. Going forward, CoreLogic has retired this feature within the new version of Matrix and it will no longer support the feature of Additional Fields to be added to the Market Reports.

All Agent Page and Thumbnail reports in Matrix, as well as Client Page and Thumbnail reports, now have a link in their MLS# that takes you to Agent Full reports. In the Matrix client portal, Client Pages and Thumbnails have similar MLS# links that take you to Client Full reports.

You can now email your Open House search results directly to your clients.

Under the Summary of Comparable Listings Page, full CMA reports have been updated to correctly show sale price for sold properties.

Issues involving the combination of Sale Date with Contingent and Pending have now been fixed. Now, agents can search using Sale Date in conjunction with multiple statuses like Pending and Contingent listings.

We have now fixed the Age in Matrix when the year built for a property is changed. Before if the agent had a change to the year built the age would not change on it’s display in matrix. That item has now been addressed.

We heard loud and clear that some of you had a problem with your names showing up next to your listings. We went back to the vendor on that and now, your first name will be matched to your last name and appear next to your listings each time.

Property History inside of Matrix Agent Property Reports is causing issues for some of you with the new Matrix system. At times, Property History will not show all of a property’s history. There is a solution. When this occurs, the records can be manually corrected between our engineering team and Matrix. Please let us know if you are experiencing this issue, which is happening within a small subset of listings. Please be advised, this is not something that can be automatically found and fixed on our end without your help.

Initially fields on the tour sheets were missing. We have worked closely with the tour sponsors to reformat the tour sheets to include all of the necessary data. At this time we expect tour sheets and tour reports in Matrix to be working as expected.

There have been many issues with uploading photos. We fixed many of them with an update on Dec. 14. We continue to monitor the photo process, and we are still working with Matrix to fix the order of photo appearance on reports and displays.