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A state-of-the-art online document management and storage solution for real estate professionals, DocCentral provides a secure Internet portal for around the clock access to every document in a real estate transaction, from the initial listing to closing.  Store unlimited documents including disclosures, inspection reports, photos, and videos. Choose and track who sees them, and when. Create a customized checklist so you never forget a document.

  • Easily and securely digitize documents via direct upload, email or fax
  • Choose who to share certain documents with – whether viewed online, shared with other transaction participants, emailed, or faxed
  • Each account is password protected, and permissions are assigned only by the listing agent
  • Digitally manage all critical documents, tracking who has viewed them and providing customers and other contacts access to view them anytime, anyplace
  • Create an automated checklist to monitor required tasks or documents, which can be shared with others
  • DocCentral is fully integrated with MLSListings’ MLS system — others can view documents as they view the listing
  • The system has a redundant back‐up that is kept for seven years

For more information see the User Guide

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