MARKETrends Premium

Become the market expert in your area with MARKETrends Premium from CoreLogic!

Combine MLS data with your public records database to better understand your market area, better inform your clients, and better your reputation in real estate.

What does MARKETrends do?

  • Generates a variety of reports on your current market
  • Offers key indicators with both month-over-month and year-over-year metrics
  • Allows users to access or create charts for newsletters to presentations
  • Provides dashboards and interactive charts that can be segemented by home type and characteristics
  • Dashboards can be easily embedded in your website or social media outlets
  • And so much more!!!

A basic version is available through Realist but click here to get MARKETrends Premium for $23.99 per month or $199.98 for the year.


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