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Top five reasons Real Estate Agents should move into the new homes arena:

Did you know that more than half of the new homes sold in the United States this year will be sold by licensed real estate agents? NewHomeSource Professional is your one stop for all the information you need about new homes in your area. In addition, to the deepest and most accurate database of new homes, you will also have access to Realtor incentives, promotions, events and spec homes. We give you the tools to help educate yourself with the new home area; so that you can provide your buyers the best services available.


  1. New Revenue Source.

    Open up another source of revenue for your business

  2. Gain Market knowledge.

    On-site agents specialize in knowing how to sell their location.

  3. Always Something To Sell.

    Thanks to homebuilders, there is always something new being built somewhere.

  4. Set The Stage For Resale Business.

    Develop your future resale business by working with new home buyers in the community.

  5. Gain An Advantage.

    Becoming a new homes specialist will set you apart from most Realtors

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